Rockstar Realtor Training

Rockstar Realtor Training

The HMTF ROCKSTAR REALTOR TRAINING® program takes the guess work out of the real estate career path and puts you in control of your destiny!

Your Trainer, Corey Wiegand, HMTF Employing Broker and CEO, has spent over $50,000 on sales and investment classes from the best real estate investors and coaches in the USA.  He currently closes more than 5 Million in sales each year and is in the top 5% of real estate agents in the country…

Corey has compiled the most effective and lucrative information from each course and integrated the information into the HMTF ROCKSTAR REALTOR TRAINING® program

Corey personally mentors each new agent on the HMTF team.  The training course, homework assignments, productivity sessions and accountability virtually insure your success as a realtor.Rockstar Realtor Training

Do you want to sell more homes in less time?

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